The outer worlds ps4

The outer worlds ps4

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We tested this method thoroughly. We stored items from the beginning of the game and they were untouched at the end of the game. We also tried storing many items in one place, again with no problems. However, be careful not to exceed the limits.

From here you can store items directly from your inventory. They will not disappear over time. This same method works with any container that has the transfer options, just be careful not to overload each container in case you get an error in your game.

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A mitad del nuevo shooter de rol de Obsidian Entertainment, The Outer Worlds, me encontré con un hombre que interpretaba miserablemente a una mascota corporativa, con la cabeza semipermanentemente encerrada en una gran y macabra máscara lunar. Hablé con él durante varios turnos, esperando que hubiera algo que pudiera hacer para ayudar. Pero si había una forma de mejorar su vida, nunca la sugirió, y yo nunca la encontré.

Este encuentro se siente como una encapsulación de mi tiempo jugando a Outer Worlds. Obsidian es quizá más conocida por haber creado Fallout: New Vegas, una de las mejores entregas de la serie postapocalíptica Fallout. Outer Worlds es claramente una secuela espiritual de Fallout, con un sistema de juego de rol similar, una estética retrofuturista y una predilección por el humor negro. Pero Outer Worlds también se enfrenta a una de las mayores tensiones narrativas de Fallout, y de los juegos de rol en general.

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Fallout, como muchas series de juegos de rol, trata de un jugador con superpoderes que navega por un mundo sin ley. Tu personaje suele empezar en una bóveda oculta o en un remanso aislado, emerge en un paisaje infernal posterior a la guerra nuclear y se convierte en un caballero blanco errante, un monstruo omnicida o algo intermedio. Por el camino, cada juego tiene que explicar qué te hace tan especial y por qué los personajes que conoces, que teóricamente han sobrevivido décadas en el páramo, te piden ayuda constantemente.

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Lovecraft’s influence is undeniable, not only in literature but also in audiovisual media such as cinema or, what concerns us today, video games. However, although these worlds and Lovecraftian horror have been successfully taken to different formats and media, it seems that in the video game industry continues to resist, with titles that for one reason or another are half-baked. And to try to solve this comes Conarium.

As we mentioned in the introduction, Conarium is a video game that, in the gameplay, bets for a classic cut and an almost extreme simplicity. The videogame is defined as a horror adventure and the truth is that, although it does not have much horror, the adventure genre fits it like a glove. Throughout the work the gameplay is quite reduced, limiting the player’s role to practically follow the story.

And it is precisely this story that is the main attraction of Conarium. The simple gameplay and focused on exploration leaves the way open for the setting and the narrative to carry the weight of the work on their shoulders. Each environment in Conarium is perfectly constructed and set, giving the feeling that we are really inside a Lovecraft novel. The visual clash between the exterior of the base and the ruins that are discovered; the differences between human devices and ancestral gadgets; the breaking of the barrier that separates the physical from the psychological. Everything is measured to the millimeter and placed with great care so that moving through Conarium is a delight.

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An adventure of these dimensions, for free? What’s the catch? The bet for a gacha economy and system intentionally limit a little the progress of Genshin Impact. This is the main problem for classic players who expect to find a Tales of, Zelda or similar, as it is not as straightforward as following a series of main missions to develop the story. There are certain quests and temples blocked by a level of exploration -independent of the level of each character- that rises by making discoveries on the map and completing quests; practically everything contributes to raise this overall level, even if only a little. In addition, especially the more we advance, the more scarce the resources needed to improve are and will end up forcing us to play almost every day to obtain materials in events throughout each week -in addition to the prizes for logins, daily missions, etc.-.

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Is it too heavy to fulfill all those secondary missions that sometimes stop being so optional? The good news is that no, they are more careful than we could expect, they are varied and with lines of dialogue, although it is inevitable that on more than one occasion we find ourselves wandering around desperately looking for what makes us take an important step in the level. The truth is that the main story quickly passes into the background because it tells the clichés of fantasy and dragons, but its characters and especially the world are so interesting that we will fulfill many of these tasks with pleasure, and are generally well rewarded by objects. Perhaps the dungeons are weak, linear and practically a succession of tests and battles where to put into practice the elements, but everything that takes place outside is entertaining.